What to Expect on Your First Visit

At Pine Tree Dental, we aim to make your first visit comfortable and uncomplicated. To that end, we are happy to provide our patients with

  • A commitment to staying on schedule. We know your time is important and we don’t want you to have to wait long to be seen
  • Patient forms on our website, so you can bring completed forms with you to your appointment if you like
  • Easy patient check-in and check-out
  • Professional, thorough, and helpful staff
  • Stress-free dental exam and treatment



At the appointment:

Your hygienist will take the necessary x-rays when you are seen. You will also be examined with the Diagnodent device, which uses a laser to help detect areas of decay before they can be seen on x-rays.

Your hygienist will then examine your periodontal condition and make note of any irregularities or problems, then will conduct a cleaning. After your teeth have been cleaned, Dr. Firdose will take the time to discuss your dental health, as well as any conditions that need attention, with you.

Should you require dental work, Dr. Firdose will devise a treatment plan for you. If time permits, the work can be done during your appointment. If extensive work needs to be done, you will be asked to schedule an appointment and come back.

Helping you have the great looking, healthy smile you deserve is our passion! Call Pine Tree Dental in Chantilly, VA at (703) 678-6666 or request an appointment here today!